Lecture with Lynne Olson – first woman AP Correspondent and Churchill author

The Churchill Centre is pleased to welcome Lynne Olson, a noted journalist and author for the last 40 years who will be speaking on Friday June 14th following a reception held in the Great Hall of the Diocesan House at St. Mark’s in Seattle at 6:00pm (Map). Lynne has enjoyed an influential career as a reporter and writer since the early 1970s starting with the Associated Press, where she specialized in feature writing. Olson was named to AP’s top feature writing team in New York, which focused on developing and writing stories about the country’s rapidly changing social mores. In 1973, she was asked by the AP to become the wire service’s first woman correspondent in Moscow where she was based from 1974 to 1976 and covered important news events as the Apollo-Soyuz space mission and President Nixon’s visit to the Soviet Union. In 1976, Olson was reassigned to Washington, where she was chosen to cover Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign.

After Carter became president, Olson joined the Washington bureau of the Baltimore Sun, where she covered national politics and eventually the White House. In 1981, she quit the Sun to become a freelance writer for the Washington Post, American Heritage, Smithsonian, Working Woman, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Ms., Elle, Glamour, Washington Journalism Review and Baltimore Magazine. She also taught journalism for five years as an assistant professor at American University in Washington.

Olson and her husband, Stanley Cloud, are co-authors of The Murrow Boys, which was named one of the best books in 1996 by Publishers Weekly. Freedom’s Daughters, Olson’s second book, is the first comprehensive history of women in the civil rights movement and won a Christopher Award in 2002. Olson joined with Cloud again to write A Question of Honor: The Kosciuszko Squadron: Forgotten Heroes of World War II, published by Alfred A. Knopf in September 2003. Olson’s fourth book, Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped Save England, was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in April 2007. Drawing wide critical acclaim, it was named one of the top 10 books of 2007 by New York Times book reviewer William Grimes and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Book Prize in history. Her next book, Citizens of London: The Americans Who Stood with Britain in Its Darkest, Finest Hour, was published by Random House in February 2010. A national bestseller, it was named one of the American Library Association’s Notable Books in nonfiction in 2010, as well as appearing on Amazon’s list of the top books of the year.

Olson’s latest book, Those Angry Days: Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America’s Fight Over World War II, 1939-1941, was endorsed by former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, who remarked, “With this stirring book, Lynne Olson confirms her status as our era’s foremost chronicler of World War II politics and diplomacy. The book tells the extraordinary tale of America’s internal debate about whether and how to stop Hitler. Filled with fascinating anecdotes and surprising twists, the text raises moral and practical questions that we still struggle with today.”

Join us at the Seattle Churchill Centre’s event on June 14th to meet Lynne and Stan over wine and hearty hors d’oeuvres and listen to a fascinating lecture presentation. Space at the event is limited to less than 100 – register online below to reserve your place. (Payment is processed through PayPal, but you do not have to have a paypal account – you may enter the shopping cart as a “guest”).

Adult rate $35:

Educator/Student rate $20:

Students of history and politics are strongly encouraged to attend. For those who carry student ID, we offer a discounted student rate of $20.

Special Relationship with the British American Business Council – Pacific Northwest Chapter

The Seattle Churchill Centre is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Pacific Northwest chapter of the British American Business Council by inviting each others members to our respective events. The BABC-PNW brings together people in the Pacific Northwest who are interested in trade, social and other links between the UK and the USA. The BABC is the largest transatlantic business network, with 25 chaptersand 2,500 member companies based in major business centers throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Their local chapter, similar to ours, offers a number of lectures and receptions that we feel would be mutually beneficial that we will keep our members aware of. More information can be found at their website.

Randolph Churchill to address Seattle Churchill Centre on European Affairs

The Seattle Churchill Centre is pleased to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Churchill, great grandson of wartime British Prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, on Friday May 11th, 2012. Mr. Churchill will present a timely lecture on Churchill, European Unity and Economic Turmoil. Throughout the war the leadership of Churchill and Roosevelt gave rise to the development of the post-war international system that aided the European recovery in the post war era. Given the current European crisis, we hope to glean lessons from Churchill’s leadership that led not only to a victorious conclusion of the war, but also to the development of international political and economic governance for the new post war era.

Our event will be held in the Great Hall of the Diocesan House at St. Mark’s in Seattle (Map) on Friday May 11th at 6:00pm with wine and hearty hors d’oeuvres along with the opportunity to meet Mr. Churchill and his wife Catherine.  Space at the event is limited to less than 100 – register online now to reserve your place. Payment is processed through PayPal, but you do not have to have a paypal account – you may enter the shopping cart as a “guest.”

Adult rate $35:

Student rate w/ID $20:

Students of history and economics are strongly encouraged to attend. For those who carry student ID, we offer a discounted student rate of $20.

Randolph Churchill began his career as an officer in the Royal Navy. He then qualified as a Chartered Accountant and has been an investment director of several London based global investment and research companies including Lazard Asset Management, Schroder Private Bank and Rathbones. Randolph also serves as Trustee of the Churchill Centre, the Churchill Archives Centre, the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, and is also the Director of the Armed Services Charities Advisory.

The Seattle Chapter

Local Meetings of the Seattle Chapter

The Seattle Chapter hosts an annual lecture and reception. In the past we have had the privilege of hosting national and international leaders from the fields of academia, international politics and business. Our lectures and reception are open to the public and are usually at one of the oldest homes in Seattle, the chapter house Great Hall, next door to St. Mark’s Cathedral.

In 2012, we are hoping to add several smaller and informal study groups that will meet in some of our member’s homes for the evening. The purpose of these groups will be to study and discuss lessons in strategic leadership based on Churchill’s example, and apply those lessons to relevant issues and topics facing leaders today.

For more information about the local chapter, or to be added to the email address list, please contact:

Simon Mould – Email: simonamould@live.com

Seattle Lectures

Lectures hosted by The Seattle Churchill Centre

The Seattle chapter of the Churchill Centre has been host to numerous lectures and presentations since the group formed in 2007.

Every year the chapter hosts a formal lecture and reception with exceptional leaders from around the nation and even abroad that bring expertise in the fields of global business, international affairs and education.

2006  Winston Churchill – Grandson to Sir Winston Churchill:

The University of Washington partnered with the Churchill Centre in bringing Winston Churchill to Seattle who spoke to a packed lecture theater addressing concerns in international affairs and the necessity of principled leadership in public policy.

2007 Celia Sandys – Granddaughter to Sir Winston Churchill:

Partnering with the Evans School of Public Affairs, the Churchill Centre hosted Celia for a reception and presentation that brought to light an inside-the-family perspective of Churchill’s travels as a young journalist and soldier, and as a painter and author in his later years.

2008 Lord Michael Dobbs – Senior political advisor to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Michael Dobbs has authored several historical novels portraying Churchill’s leadership throughout the war, particularly as statesman in the allied war conferences at Yalta and Potsdam. Dobb’s lecture revealed a side of Churchill’s personality and background as young man that shaped his character and leadership style as an elder statesman.

2009 Dr. David Freeman – Professor of History, California State University

Dr. Freeman gave an informative lecture on Churchill’s role in the creation Iraq in the post-war conferences following the Treaty of Versailles. The lecture provided great insight into the emergence of the Modern Middle East that was largely the product of the colonial powers strategic interests in the region following the end of the Ottoman Empire after World War I.

2010 David Ramsay – Grandson to Admiral Lord Ramsay

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation, David Ramsay gave a lecture on the leadership lessons of his Grandfather, Admiral Ramsay,  who masterminded the British navy evacuation at Dunkirk and later was given the command of allied Naval forces for the Normandy invasion.

2011 Dr. John Maurer – Chairman of the Strategy and Policy Department at the U.S. Naval War College

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Dr. Maurer lectured on Churchill, Roosevelt and the Road to Pearl Harbor. Dr. Maurer’s expertise in military strategy provided key insights into strategic leadership, modeled by Churchill and Roosevelt that was key in providing the necessary political and national leadership during times of crisis.

The International Churchill Centre

About the Churchill Centre

The Churchill Centre is an international organization that was founded in 1968 to educate new generations on the leadership, statesmanship, vision, courage and boldness of Winston Spencer Churchill. Over 4000 members around the world, aged from ten to over ninety, work together to impress the record Churchill’s life and deeds on the 21st century.

Winston S. ChurchillThe Centre sponsors an International Churchill Conference and numerous regional events; Churchill tours in Britain, Australia, France, South Africa and Morocco; academic symposia; student seminars; and the periodic Churchill Lecture, in which prominent world figures apply Sir Winston’s experience to the today’s issues. With grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Centre has conducted highly praised seminars for high school teachers in the USA and UK, to aid their appreciation and use of Churchill’s story in their local curricula. The Centre website is a massive array of searchable facts and opinions.

The Churchill Centre has a presence in the education of students. In addition to having students attend our International Conferences, the Manard E. Pont Seminar was held in 1997 at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, in California. In 2001 a seminar on “Winston Churchill: A Leadership Model for the 21st Century” was held, in partnership with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute of Wilmington, DE, on The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA.  Undergraduate and graduate seminars have been held in Seattle (2006), California (2009), and Chicago (2009).

The Seattle chapter of the Churchill Centre seeks to carry out similar objectives of the international organization for its members, but also for local leaders in the field of business, politics, and education.

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